Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Knuckleboom Trucks vs. Crane Trucks

There are a growing number of business owners and contractors who understand and enjoy the benefits of knuckleboom trucks and as a result, the demand for this vehicle has steadily increased. On the flip side of the coin are those who still do not place a lot of value in the articulating technology of this vehicle because of an incorrect perception that the lifting and weight capacity of a crane will be compromised if a knuckleboom truck is used. The truth of the matter is that knuckleboom trucks simply outperform cranes!


In other markets such as Europe and Canada, this piece of equipment is widely used because of its versatility and reliability, attributes that offer a great contribution towards increased productivity for any company. Following are some important advantages that any buyer will discover if one of these vehicles becomes a part of their business development.

Reach and Capacity - Experts suggest that buyers must know two key factors about a knuckleboom its reach and its capacity. With the many models available on the market today that offer features such as increased reach and additional weight capacity, this vehicle has clearly demonstrated that it can handle these tasks while maintaining ease in maneuverability which makes this equipment even more impressive. When a buyer is considering the purchase of a knuckleboom truck, they need to determine the weight capacity required during usual operations as well as the distance and height at which most materials are unloaded. Dealers can then offer their best recommendation for the right model that is best suited for that company's needs.

Versatility - This vehicle can be used in accomplishing many different applications such as construction and a variety of hauling jobs. By installing the right type of accessories, a knuckleboom truck can become a specialized instrument capable of handling many different types of materials and tasks such as trimming trees, placing decorations, and clean-up to name a few.

Precise Control - These vehicles have become more popular for the transportation of many types of material because of the improved capability that is being offered by its technology. When precise placement and control is mandatory, the maneuverability of the knuckleboom truck gets the job done more efficiently than any other version of crane or bucket truck. For those companies in the utility industry, this equipment enables them to accomplish their required tasks of loading power lines, giant spools or other components such as transformers with much greater ease and efficiency.

Operation Control Options - There are four control options which are currently available for knuckleboom trucks: stand up; ground; wireless radio remote; and top-seat. Usually, operators who have had experience with video games using joysticks can easily manipulate these controls using the same functionality as the joysticks used on their video games. Of course, the important safety features of this type of control must be known to understand the full capability of the equipment and its ease of operation.

Overload Protection - With the integration of an overload protection system on these trucks, it is possible to avoid the danger of breaking the boom arm due to overload. This system halts the crane operation when it detects heavy material that exceeds its stated weight capacity. It allows the operator to retract the boom arm safely and reposition the arm at a better operating angle. The technology allows the integrated system to communicate with the computer. Once the computer receives the information about the overload, it bypasses the system and automatically shuts down the entire machine.

The knuckleboom truck is a very reliable piece of equipment that can handle almost any task and can certainly be used by many industries to increase business productivity. The features presented above clearly show the many advantages of this vehicle. Hopefully, more businesses will discover the many ways in which knuckleboom trucks outperform crane trucks!

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